Measuring the value of natural capital to Australian farms

Farm participation in Farming for the Future

Farmers, Ag Advisors and Ag Accountants

Apply for this great opportunity to:

  • Have Natural Capital Accounts prepared for your farm or farm clients, at no cost to you
  • Be a part of a national research project gathering evidence about the value of natural capital to Australian farmers.

Farming for the Future is an important project that will play an active role in helping farmers combat climate change and biodiversity loss without sacrificing production or farm business performance.

Through a combination of philanthropic, industry, government and private sector funding, Ag accountants, advisors and farmers will be given the opportunity to help design, build and test a diagnostic system designed to quantify the value that agricultural natural capital generates for farm businesses and farming families.

In the initial stage, the program will ideally suit livestock operations between 600ha and 5000ha in NSW, Victoria, South Australia, & Southern parts of WA. Other farms around Australia will be eligible in later stages. We encourage you to submit your details so we can contact you when we are ready to consider farms in your area.

There is no cost to farmers. Farmer time commitment will be around 2 – 3 days spread out over twelve months. In addition to contributing data, we will be looking for feedback from participating producers to guide, shape and refine the program so that we can create information that is useful to farmers and the people that provide advice to farmers, such as ag advisors or ag accountants.

Participants will receive Natural Capital Accounts valued at $35,000. You will need to be able to provide at least 5 years of financial and operational (production) records. These will be de-identified and pooled into a database for analysis. Experienced agricultural accountants and advisors engaged by Farming for the Future as trusted service providers will make the data collection process easy. They will explain your farm reports and natural capital accounts to you. Outputs of the research will be designed so that individual participants cannot be identified.

Farming for the Future is being designed by farmers and industry to give farmers useful information about how the relationship between natural capital profit, business risk and generation of other benefits for farmers.

If you would like further information please download the Farmer Participation Flyer (PDF).

To express your interest and find out if you’re eligible to participate please fill out the form below. We will contact you to learn more about your operation and to give you more information about participation.

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